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Live streaming with H&H

Setup your live stream to share your storm chase

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An exciting part of storm chasing is the ability to show everyone exactly what you are seeing. Highways & Hailstones allows the community of Chasers to live stream during their chase.

Before you start Live Streaming, you need to download the H&H mobile app.

Set Up Live Streaming

In order to live stream, you will need streaming equipment. Many chasers use a secondary smartphone, video camera and laptop, etc. After you select the best streaming equipment for your chase, you will need broadcast software. The broadcast software will ask you for an RTMP URL. Get your unique RTMP URL by:

  • Open the H&H mobile app

  • Tap Record and then Live Storm Chase

  • Tap Setup Streaming

  • Tap Stream Setup to find the Server URL and your unique Stream Key

  • Copy and paste the Server URL and Stream Key into your streaming software

  • Tap back to return to the Live Chase map

Start a Live Stream

Once you have set up your streaming equipment and broadcast software, you can start a live stream on your chase. You must be on a live chase with the H&H app for your live stream to show on the Live Map.

  • Open the Highways & Hailstones app

  • Tap Record and then Live Storm Chase

  • Open your broadcast software and start streaming

To see your chase and live stream, visit

Once you’re live, share with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, friends and family by tapping the Share icon on the Live Chase map in H&H.

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